About this website
There are three main components to this website.

First we provide a great deal of information about synaesthesia, in a number of different forms. You will find FAQs and links to external information sites, as well as information we have specially tailored to meet the requests we receive from the parents of synaesthetes, from their teachers, and from clinicians and researchers.

This website also contains a library of tests that can be used by clinicians and researchers, and demos for parents and synaesthetes.

Finally, we have created an experiment-builder for researchers to create novel tests of synaesthesia. This experiment builder allows researchers to conceive of their own tests, for a very large number of different types of synaesthesia, and to run those tests through our website in order to collect data to further our scientific understanding of synaesthesia.

You can navigate to these different functions via the buttons on our home page.